Selasa, 01 Maret 2016


In this opportinity, im gonna tell you about education to built a better future for all. Education is very important in our life. A job is a salary source, and a job come from education. If we dont have education, we will not have a job and we will also not have salary. We have to get an education to built a better future. If we realize how important education is, we will get bright future. And now, im gonna tell you about howw important education is.

                In my opinion, education will guide us to the golden wat to be success. We have to study very hard. We have to listening to the teacher when the teacher was teaching us. The teacher will teach us something usefull to life in this world. Our parents also teach us to face the real world. Our paretns know how hard to face the real world. So we have to obey to our parents. Cause everything that our parents said is for our good. Our parent have more experience that we have never tasted. And we also have to pray to our god that creates us. We have to pray according to our beliefs. Cause everything that we do is not going to work if we di not pray to god.

                Other than that, our friends also have a rolein our future. Our best friends will always help us when we do not understand about the lesson that we ever learned. Our best friends also will help us when we had a terrible moment. Other than that, we can ask our parents for help. We can tell out parents about our terrible experience that we have. Our parents will help us figure it out.

                We are the nations future. We must have education to be able to defend our country and improve the welfare of the people in our country. Without education, we are unable to defend our country and improve the welfare of the people in our country. So we must have  education to create a developed, secure, and prosperous country.

 If we have something to ask, dont be ashamed to ask that question. People say”if you are shy of asking question, you will get lost in your way”. That qoutes was very nice. If we ashamed to ask questions, we never know something that we are questioning  and something that we do not know.

The conclusion is we as a nations future need aducation so that in the future, we can defend our country and can improve the safety and welfare of the people. And we as the future of the country also need to improve science education and technology. If we are not have science education and technology, we will be left behind by other countries.

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