Jumat, 08 April 2016

Dewa Athena

Hi guys, now im gonna tell you about my school event. In march, my school held a yearly event. The event is about inter-class sports. Sports that are contested incude basketball, volley, mini soccer, dodgeball, badminton, tug of war, relay race, and gobak sodor.In this event, i play mini soccer, volley, dodgeball, gobak sodor, and relay race.

The event held for 3 days. In the first day before the event started, me and my friend jogging in the surrounding area. After that the event opened. The first race we played basketball. I didnt played basketball for my class, i just support my classmate that match against X IPA 5. My class lose in the first half. In the second half, my class could restore state. Finally my class won at the first match. After that my class race against X IPA 7 in relay race. The relay race plays by 4 persons in a team. the four persons that play for my class are me, malva, haifa, and radhin. Unfortunately we lose against X IPA 7. But we werent sad because we had given the best for our class.

After relay race, we just played and practied for the next match. We had a long free time cause the next match is in the middle of the day. So we had so much time to practice for the next match.did not feel the time goes by quickly. We played dodgeball against XI IPA 1. Dodgeball plays by 6 persons in  one team. my class played with 5 persons because most of my classmate have already home. Because of that we lose again.

The next match we played volley against X IPA 5. Volleyball plays by 6 persons in a team, 3 boys and 3 girls. I played volley at the second half. I came on ardin. We won the match against X IPA 5. After the match i went home bacause the match at that day hass already fineshed and i also so tired.
The next day, i came late because i didnt play in the morning. I had to play in the afternoon. We were supposed to play in the afternoon, but because of the bad weather, the match has been delay. We just play during the afternoon. We played mini soccer with the slippery pitch. I often fell because of the slippery pitch. We lose the match against XI IPA 4. The final score is 1-0 for XI IPA 4. I was so sorry because they can score a goal because of my mistake. Luckily my friend forgive me. They say that its not just my fault but our fault.

The next day was the last day of dewa athena. In that day, i didnt play any match. I just watched and supported my friends that had match. I supported my friends that had a match in basketball. My class lose the game against X IPA 3. We just difference of twon points. After that i went home cause there was no more game for my class. Volley is the only sports that my class could go to semifinal.
That is all my activity in dewa athena. I hope you enjoyed when you read my blog. Thank you for read thing blog. Bye byee :))

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