Selasa, 19 Januari 2016


how are you guys? the holiday has ended. ;(( so sad. its time to back to school. berfore that let me tell you about my last holiday. and I hope you like it.
I spent my holiday in my grandma house. My grandma house is at Klaten.
The fisrt day of my holiday, I went to Borobudur temple. It took 2 hours with car to go there. The weather was sunny. In Borobudur temple, I saw many people from another country. I took a picture with some tourists from another country. The scenery was very beautiful. I can saw many culture of Indonesia. The history of this temple is very interesting to learn. The place is very clean. At bororobudur we can learn so much history and culture of Indonesia.
After that, we went to the restaurant. I ate so much because I was very tired after playing in Borobudur. I ate a chicken wing. After that, we went to the beach. I played with my family. The scenery in the beach ws very beautiful. the beach was full of tourist. I was very happy at that time. I met my old fried. Now he study in senior high school at jogya.
I shared my moment in my school to him. And he shared his moment to me too. We momorized our moment in the past. We laughted until the sun would drown.
We enjoyed the sunset. The scenery was very beautiful. we ate the fish while the sun sinks.
After enjoyed playing in the beach. I went to hotel in Borobudur.
After we ariived in the hotel. We prepare everything to celebrate the new year party. YEAYYYYY. In the night we lauch lanterns together to welcome the new year. Again and again. I saw so much beautiful scenery. Lanterns and fireworks at a new year night?? O my God, it was the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. After that me and my family took a picture together. After celebrate the new year party, a slept at the hotel.
In the morning, me and my family went back to my grandma house. I want to played football at my grandma house field. Io sweat so much until I drop myself because of the floor is slippery. The floor was slippery because of my sweat.
After playing football, I took a shower because my body was very sweaty. After that, I packed my stuff because after this, I went home. I went home by train.
And that’s all my vacation of my new year holiday. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Bye bye

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