Kamis, 26 November 2015

My School Life

Hello!! Now i am gonna tell you all about my school life. Hope you enjoy it.

I admitted in 3 senior high school after amazing three years with my junior high school friends. To get in this school is not easy. I worked hard because i want to be accepted in 3 senior high school. Thanks God, finally my dream came true.

I felt that school in here is difficult. The homework is more complicated and more difficult than in junior high school. At first, i can not addapted. But my parents always support me when ihave a terible moment. I slowly can adapt in this school because of my parents and my friends supports.

The first day in school, all the new student was gathered in the new hall. The headmaster tell his welcome to all the new students. He explained how the lesson sistems in 3 senior high school. After that, the our senior lead us to go to the class. I was in bad luck because my class at the third floor. I have to go to my class everyday with have to pass the stairs:(:(:

My class is not so big. The facilities of my class are whiteboard, chairs, lockers, AC, fan, etc. Although my class is small, I still fell comfortable to be here. But when mid morning come, the themperature of my class was so hot. Sometimes, the electricity in my class died. When the electricity in my class died, my class felt like a hell hahahaha.

In the mid of the semester, all the new students go to Rindam. Rindam is a place to train our leadership. In here we are trained how to be a leader, discipline, obey to the leader, line of march, etc. We are in Rindam for 3 days 2 nights. At the first day, we had a lesson from the soldier in Rindam. The lesson is about eunterpreunership. After we got the lesson from the soldier in Rindam, we are trained to line of march. Its so hot, my skin felt like burned hahaha. Its at 12 o’clock. Can you imagine that? In the mid of the day, we dried under the sun.

In the night, we prayed at the mosque. After that, we got a lesson again from the soldier in Rindam. The lesson is about how we respect the other. After that lesson we slept. We slept at barrack.

Yahh, story in Rindam was boring hahaha. The schedule in Rindam was like that. But in the end of Rindam, we learned how to respect other. I hope that Rindam make me a better person than before.

My extracurricular are SPed 3 and BM. SPed is a stand for “Suara Pelajar Debat 3”. SPed is an extracurricular in this school that train us to be better at debate, public speaking, etc. BM is a stand for “Belitung Muda”. BM is an extracurricular in this school. In this extracurricular we play football. I choose this extracurricular because i like to playing football with my friends.

That was my school life activity in 3 senior high school. Hope youi guys like it.

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