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Hi guys. Now im gonna tell you about my favourite groupband. The grupband name is coldplay. Coldplay coldplay is a groupband from London. Coldplay have four members. The first is Chris Martin. Chris Martin is the vocalist of coldplay. He also plays piano and guitar. The second member is Jonny Bucklannd. Jonny Buckland is the main guitarist in coldplay. The third member is Gut Berryman. Guy Berryman plays bassis. The last member of coldplay is Will Champion. Will Champion is the drummer in coldplay.

Coldplay formed in 1996. I like groupband coldplay because the songs have deep meaning. Coldplay also has win several awards. Coldplay also have seven albums. The first album name is parachutes. Because of this album, coldplay become famous and everyone knows coldplay. The single of parachutes album is yellow. Yellow has a very meaningfull lyric. Parachutes launched in 2000. The second album of coldplay is a rush of blood to the head. My favourite songs of this album are the scientist and clocks. Both of that song have a very good lyrics. Same as yellow, the scientist and clocks have meaningfull lyrics.

 The third album of coldplay is X&Y. X&Y realesed in 2005. My favourite song in this album is Fix You. Fix You made because of the parents of Chris Martin wife, Gwyneth Paltrow death. The fourth album of coldplay is Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends realesed in 2008. The single of this album that become my favourite is Viva la Vida. The fifth album of coldplay is Mylo Xyloto. Mylo Xyloto realesed in 2011. There is so many songs that become my favourite in this album. The songs are Paradise, UFO, Us Against the World, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, and Charlie Brown. The sixth coldplay album is Ghost Stories. My favourite songs in this album are Sky Full of Stars, Always in My Head, and True Love,

The seventh album of coldplay is A Head Full Of Dreams. A Head Full Of Dreams realesed in 2015. My favourite songs in this album are Everglow, Bird, Amazing Day, Up&Up, and Army of One.

Thats all is all that i know about coldplay. Hope you like it. Thank you, byeee..

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