Selasa, 01 September 2015


Radhin                  : Hey Najmi. Why are you so sweaty?
Najmi                    : What? You kidding? I have just done my final                                   match against "Boxy Eraser United"
Radhin                  : Wow how was it?
Najmi                    : I won it, And i won the best player of the                                          tournament.
Radhin                  : Great! I’ve already known you can do it!
Najmi                    : Thanks, I can do it because my lovely wife who                 always support me I have I terrible moment
Radhin                  : You’re wife must be proud of you
Najmi                    : I hope so
Radhin                  : By the way, You’re haircut is very good, it                        looks terrific!
Najmi                    : Thanks man, you’re my best buddy! Let’s                         come to the field and celebrate my victory!
Radhin                  : OK let’s go

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