Senin, 17 Agustus 2015

About Me

Heloooo, my name is Najmi Ahmad Nurfahmi. people call me najmi. i live in Bandung at jl. Ermawar. My hobbies are playing football and listen to the music. My favourite football player is Ricardo Kaka, He is a Brazilian football player. now he is playing for Orlando City. I like him because he is a great player and he is obey to religion. when he scored, he always raise his hand that means he tank to God. My favourite club is Manchester City. because Manchester City is the best football club and unbeatable hahahahaa.... no just kidding. in fact Manchester City never won in the champions league. now Real Madrid has the most trophies.

My favourite musicians are Olly Murs and Ed Sheeran. i like Olly Murs because his voice is very good and his lyrics are means a lot. I like Ed Sheeran because of his fight of his life. in the past he was a street singer, now he has concerts around the world.

I have 3 sibblings, 1 elder brother, 1 twin sister, and 1 young sister. my elder brother name is Fikri. Fikri now studying at "Akademi Militer". my twin sister name is Najma. now she studying at 7 senior high school. mt young sister name is Vira. Vira studying at 5 junior high school.

My father name is Agus Winarna. His occupation is an army. now he work in Magelang at "Akademi Militer". I always ask about something that i dont know to him. my mother name is Nurwigati Yuliantri. She always help me if i have a difficult time.

Now I study at 3 senior high school. i am very happy because this school is the best school in Indonesia. I had to prove that i deserve to study in here. before i studying in here, i studying at 5 junior high school. i hope that my experiences in this school is usefull at 3 senior high school.

In the future. i wanna be a pediatrician. and i want to make my my family happy i hope my dreams come true.

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